Public Safety Training Objectives: 

  • To help border patrol employees understand the possibility that epilepsy may be the cause of unusual behavior and lack of response and that the abnormal behavior is not under the individual’s control
  • To increase the ability to respond to situations, determine proper course of action and assess need for medical care
  • To increase awareness and understanding of the nature, causes and effects of seizure disorders
  • To delineate and clarify your role when handling calls concerning seizures
  • To provide easy-reference information and tools necessary to react appropriately in the field of seizure management
  • To heighten awareness and sensitivity to people with disabilities
  • To improve awareness of the importance of maintaining access to seizure medications

Steps to Epilepsy Foundation of Florida’s Public Safety Training Certification 

Step 1 – Click below for Training

You will be prompted to create an account – please use your business address (U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 1800 Eller Dr., Suite 300, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316).  The training should take around 45 minutes, please allocate enough time to complete it.

Once you have logged into the site, follow these steps to access the training:
      1. Click on “Profile”
      2. Go to “History”
      3. Click “New CentreLearn Account”
      4. Open the “New CentreLearn Account” email and click the address given.
      5. Click on “Start Course” on the Epilepsy and Seizure Response for Law Enforcement Training


Step 2 – Email your certification

Upon completing the training, please download the certificate and forward it to your supervisor.  A copy of your results will be recorded by the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida in the event you need another copy.

To retrieve your certificate, you must “Close Lecture”, provide feedback, and then download the certificate.