!At a time when our community is celebrating the United States Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, a true victory for millions of Americans living with chronic disease or disability, there have been some prejudiced and inaccurate statements about epilepsy and its treatment. The Epilepsy Foundation and countless other organizations, policy leaders, and citizens supported the ACA to increase access to health insurance and end insurance practices that often prevented individuals with epilepsy from obtaining affordable health care.


“Chief Justice Roberts apparent tendency to have seizures (the definition of epilepsy) for which he may or may not take medications no more defines him than does his hair color. The ludicrous suggestion that having epilepsy and taking medications affects his reasoning shows Michael Savage’s ignorance and prejudice. Savage needs to come out of the Dark Ages and join the 21st century” stated Former Congressman Tony Coelho.


Coelho continued, “A person with epilepsy can do anything – even be a Supreme Court Justice! People with epilepsy and seizures lead productive lives, many in challenging careers. I served in Congress with epilepsy, and when I think of the countless professionals and young leaders that I have met through the years I know that there is great potential for success and historic actions from the epilepsy community.”


The Epilepsy Foundation, our advocates and families have never been a group to let stigma or misinformation about seizures stand. I urge everyone to stand up to that type of discrimination and educate their community about epilepsy.


The Foundation makes this statement without any regard or knowledge of a specific individual’s diagnosis or treatments. To read more about our support for the ACA click here: