Veterans Organization Contact List - Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties



United States Department of Veterans’ 800-827-1000 (Toll Free)

Affairs 850-487-1533 (Esc. and Santa Rosa)


Families Count Matt Peterson 850-619-5899 Screening

Supportive Services for Veteran & family Stacy Ray 850-983-8149 Assistance

Housing, referrals, resources,

Transportation, case management



Navy Marine Corps

Food, rent, utilities, repairs, medical

And dental bills, emergency

transportation, Funeral expenses.


Assistive Equipment


Florida Alliance for Assistive Services & 888-788-9216



Center for Independent Living (866-575-6004 (Toll free)

3600 North Pace Blvd., Pen. Fl. Laura Jo Hust, FAAST Program Coord.

850-595-5566 ex: 13,


Applying for benefits prior to

retirement or separation or or


Post 9/11 GI Bill 850-484-1670

Pensacola State College

Pensacola Campus, Pen. Fl.


Pensacola State College 850-484-1961 Pensacola

1000 College Blvd., Pen.

Warrington Campus, Hwy. 98 850-484-2357 West Esc. County

Escarosa Career Center

3670 N. “L” St., Pen. 850-607-8745 Downtown Pen.

Santa Rosa County

5988 Hwy. 90, Milton, Fl. 850-484-4455

All contact:



The Able Trust 888-838-2253 (Toll-Free)

Vets & Job Corps (800) 733-JOBS/5627


Florida Division of Vocational 800-451-4327 (Toll Free)

Rehabilitation (VR)







Brain Injury Association of Florida 800-992-3442


Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program 866-875-5660 (Toll free)



Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource 866-313-2940 (Toll Free)




Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society 703-696-0032

Visiting Nurse Combat Casualty

Assistance Program


Paralyzed Veterans of America-Florida 800-795-3594 (Toll Free)



State Verified Trauma Centers 800-226-1911


State Designated Rehabilitation Centers 866-875-5660 (Toll Free)


VA Caregiver Support

Caregivers for Veterans and/or veteran’s

Caregivers, skilled nursing, home health,

Medical equipment, primary care,

respite care


Veterans Health Care Clinics

Joint Ambulatory Care Center 866-927-1420 or 850-912-2000


Health Care Services

Humana Military


Integrated Disability Evaluation System


Foster Care

Long Term Medical Foster Care Jeanie Sherman, LCSW, Coordinator 850-912-2297

Office Asst.: 850-912-2472


Become a Medical Foster Home Care Jeanie Sherman, LCSW, Medical Foster Home Prog.

Caregiver Coord. (866)-929-1420 or 850-912-2000


Fisher House of the Emerald Coast 850-259-4956

Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

FHEC, Inc., PO Box 2007

Eglin AFB, Florida 32542


Families Count Matt Peterson 850-619-5899 Screening

Supportive Services for Veteran & family Stacy Ray 850-983-8149 Assistance

Housing, referrals, resources,

Transportation, case management


VA’s National Homeless Call Center 1-877-424-3838

Health care, housing, dental,

Work therapy, vocational rehabilitation




HUD-VASH Program Housing for homeless Veterans & their family

Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties

Marsha Bazinet, Program Coord. 850-858-0350

Emmett Walker, Case Manager, 850-912-2267

Deborah Rougas, Case Worker, 850-912-2267



Santa Rosa County Veteran’s Services 850-981-7155 Milton, 850-932-9508 Gulf Breeze

Karen Haworth, Veterans Services Dir.

Ed McCants, Veterans Services Specialist



Real Warriors

Talk to trained health resource

Consultant 1-866-966-1020

Connect with other warriors

Speak with personal coach during


Real Warriors social media campaign and



Florida Disabled Outdoors Association 850-201-2944 (Not Toll Free)


Support for Veterans and their Families

The Fleet and Family Support Center 850-452-5990 DSN 922

Naval Air Station Pensacola 1-877-471-7240

151 Ellyson Ave. Bldg. 625

Life Skills Educ., parent support,

Financial mgt., relocation asst.,

Spouse employ. Asst., marriage &

Family counseling.


Santa Rosa County Veterans Memorial 850-981-7153 Leave a message


5191 C Willing Street, Milton, Fl. 32570



Santa Rosa County Vets to VA Clinic 850-981-7153 (applications) or

At 790 Veterans Way,

Pensacola, Florida 32507 850-476-8130 ex: 1 for schedule to ride

Shuttle to VA Clinic only on Tues. & Thurs.


Florida Commission for Transportation 800-983-2435 (Toll Free)



For More resources:

The Clearinghouse on Disability Information

(877)ADA-4-You (Toll Free, Florida only)

(877)232-4968 (Toll-Free, Florida only)

(850) 922-4103 (Voice/TTD)



For Women

VA Health Benefits Call Center 1-877-222-8387

Women Veterans Health

Strategic Health Care Group