Case Management

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Case Management Program provides individuals with seizure disorders and their family with Plans of Care (PoC) tailored for the specific needs of the client and family. A wide range of services is offered, both within the Foundation and through other, outside community resources.

For more information, or to enroll in the Case Managment program,
call toll-free 1-877-553-7453 or email us here.


Information, Referral and Support

The purpose of the Information, Referral and Support Program is threefold: to establish the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida as the focal point for general information on epilepsy as well as the disseminator of information on the supporting services available in the community to individuals with epilepsy and their families; to provide support mechanisms for those individuals, families and friends who must cope with the emotional stresses, social stigmas and family strains that result from having the disorder; and to provide referrals to other social service and health agencies when the resources of the Foundation are not sufficient to meet the needs of the individual or family.

For further information, contact your local office.  (Click a city name at the bottom of the page for contact information.)


Medical Services

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinics provide services for children and adults. This consists of an initial neurological evaluation, follow-up examinations, medical treatment, blood tests, electroencephalograms and other tests, if required, for a consistent program of medical management.

For more information, or to enroll in the Medical Services program,
call toll-free 1-877-553-7453 or email us here.


Neuropsychological Services

The current program includes: neuropsychological evaluations with standardized instruments of clients' cognitive and emotional functioning, including extent and pattern of brain dysfunction related to seizure disorders; consultation to school personnel and families concerning learning and behavior patterns associated with epilepsy; consultation to staff concerning psychological aspects of clients' experiences and related mental health concerns (this includes interpretation of standardized self-report psychological inventory taken by all clients); and individual and family counseling (short-term, six months or less) to help emotional or relationship difficulties.

For further information, contact Judy Siskind on 305-670-4949 or via e-mail here.


Prevention and Education

The Foundation offers comprehensive prevention and education services throughout 15 counties in English, Spanish and Creole languages. Groups that are targeted and provided with appropriate presentations on a regular basis include: Public Schools (personnel and students); professionals including physicians and attorneys; police, emergency medical services personnel, health care professionals, community based organizations with special emphasis on health and social service agencies; and providers, such as day care centers.

For further information, contact your local office.  (Click a city name at the bottom of the page for contact information.)


Development and Fund-Raising

The Foundation's development and fund-raising programs are equally important, subsidizing important programs and services that would, otherwise, not be offered. The Foundation special events include an annual Let's Talk About It dinner in November and Spring Walks. Other special events take place during the year. The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida also offers opportunities for memberships, donations, planned giving and bequests. See our Special Events Calendar for the latest events.

For further information, contact Michael Barton on 561-478-6515 or via e-mail here.



The Foundation rests on the base of volunteer support. Volunteering on behalf of the Foundation comes in many forms, including serving on the Foundation's Board of Directors or Professional Advisory Board, serving on a fund-raising or special event committee, and/or working with the Foundation's offices (see Become a volunteer).


Resource Materials

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida has a fully staffed resource center located at its offices. Available resources include a wide range of informational brochures on epilepsy/seizure disorders in both English and Spanish. Information videos on epilepsy are also available in English, Spanish and Creole. Periodicals and books, specific to epilepsy, are available for reference.


Summer Camp

Each year the Epilepsy Foundation sends children with epilepsy to Camp Boggy Creek. 

Since 1996, Camp Boggy Creek has made it possible for children with serious illnesses to enjoy a camp experience in a safe, medically-sound environment. Located just a short drive from Orlando, Florida, the 232-acre camp serves children who've been diagnosed with chronic or life-threatining conditions. 

Beyond boundless fun, Camp Boggy Creek Provides fellowship. Children can spend time with others who are just like them and share their life experiences, which serves as a reminder they are not alone.

Campers ages 7 through 16 can apply to attend Camp Boggy Creek free of charge.

To apply, please visit — or click here to download a paper application

      Camp Boggy Creek

        Epilepsy Week
   June 26 - July 1, 2015