Support group offers a connection to others in similar circumstances


Vero Beach, FL, April 16, 2012 – For many people with epilepsy, the fear of another seizure and a feeling of isolation compounds the normal stress of everyday life. A new support group will offer a connection to others in similar circumstances, and to benefit and learn from other’s experiences. The support group, sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, will meet every third Thursday of the month from 6:30 – 7:30 at the United Way Center, starting this May 17, 2012.


Each year, some 50,000 Americans die from seizures and related causes. More than 375,000 Floridians living with epilepsy, the third most common neurological disorder in the US after Alzheimer’s and stroke. About as many people have epilepsy as have cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease – combined. More people die yearly from seizure-related causes than die from breast cancer.


The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida wishes to raise awareness about epilepsy since living with epilepsy is difficult in lots of ways, but it is often the stigma and ignorance surrounding epilepsy that stops people from coming to grips with this widespread and devastating disorder.


The Support Group will take place at the United Way Center, 1836 14th Avenue, 2nd Floor, Vero Beach, 32960. For further information please call the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida on 561-478-6515.