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FROM THE CORNER OFFICE /A message from the CEO

The Holiday season is a time to give and express thanks. The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida has so many to thank this season, beginning with our many individual donors and volunteers who understand the importance of the epilepsy services we provide to the wonderful array of Neurologists and Epileptologists across the state providing specialty services to our clients. As the CEO, I truly believe we are only as strong as those who surround us. With that thought, I’d like to recognize the 45 EFOF employees who act as the wonderful pillars of support for everything we do. Those employees make up our epilepsy team and are dedicated to serving the needs of Floridians with epilepsy. So from one grateful Floridian to many others, I wish you all health, wealth, love and seizure free days throughout the coming New Year.


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The holiday season can bring many things – from festivities and celebrations, to visiting or hosting friends and family, to juggling a schedule with too many events and not enough days on the calendar. But with the holiday activities can also come stress and for many people living with epilepsy, stress can be a seizure trigger, as can anxiety, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, too much caffeine and, of course, not taking your medications as prescribed. While we usually focus on everyone else during the holiday season, wondering “What’s the perfect gift to give?” or “What foods shall I serve my guests?” your EFOF team urges you to give yourself the gift of reflection this holiday season. Take time to think about your seizure triggers and how you can actively manage and minimize those triggers – you will thank yourself later.  

From the many National Epilepsy Awareness Month activities to a hugely successful Walk in Naples to multiple Let’s Talk About It events hosted by individuals across the state, to the creation of a Friends 4 Epilepsy Group in Royal Palm Beach -- November was a busy month and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Recognition to our friends and clients who used this golden month to educate their neighbors, enlighten their colleagues, inform social networking friends and raise funds for epilepsy services.


Your EFOF staff team engaged their fellow Floridians by conducting awareness, training and educational seminars in places like Biscayne Elementary in Jacksonville with the “Thinking About Epilepsy” a Program for 5th Graders, Miami’s Ferguson Senior High health science classes with “Take Charge of the Facts”, a Palm Beach bicycle helmet fitting training and seizure training for Child Care Personnel, a Treasure Coast support group that hosted Stuart Pet Pals for over 50 people, at the Mayo Clinic “Movers and Shakers: Epilepsy and Movement Disorders” Continuing Medical Education event in Jacksonville, and provided training in Orlando at the statewide meeting of the Florida Association for the Education of Young Children, the largest professional organization for people working in the early care and education field in the state.


And this is just a sampling . . . . . think of how many more people we could educate, the stigmas we could shatter, the myths we could crush if everyone from Florida’s epilepsy community chose to play a part by participating or donating to the cause . . . . . .!

2012 Walk Congratulation to Danny Rosenfeld and his strong group of supporters on a very successful Naples walk. We kicked off the Walk season with the SWFL Walk the Talk for Epilepsy on November 3rd, our biggest walk in Naples so far with 380 participants and raising $50,000!

The first Walk of the 2013 season is on February 9th at Vero Beach. Click here for more information on dates and locations for the 9 other Walks taking place in the Sunshine State. Sign up as a team captain and lead a group of your friends, family and colleagues, join someone else’s team as a walker, and get your business to be a Walk sponsor. Each one of these activities will raise awareness and funds for epilepsy services – something we all know is so very much needed.


A new Friends 4 Epilepsy group kicks off in the northern part of Palm Beach County in Palm Beach Gardens at the Palm Beach Gardens Library 1t 11303 Campus Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, on January 15, 2013 at 6:00 PM. All of our Palm Beach County friends are invited to join us as we kick off this new volunteer group that will gather together once a month at the library. Good friends, good times!


EFOF is hosting a free Holiday Party in Miami for children/youth with epilepsy and their families…Santa will be distributing toys to all the good children J The Miami Children’s Holiday Party is on December 15th from 10:00AM to 1:00PM. To RSVP, please email to It is important that you RSVP to ensure we have toys for the children.

Lifetime Gift Tax Exemption for Estate and Planned Gifts Expiring Soon

Donate Now!

The clock is ticking: the tax law is set to change in a radical way and opportunities may cease to exist at midnight on December 31, 2012. Making a planned gift to the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida helps build a legacy to fight seizures, find a cure, and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy. A planned gift allows you to donate assets, yet defer the time we actually receive them. Now, also provide a longer term legacy to help people with epilepsy. The best gift plans improve your financial and tax situation, often right away. We encourage you to explore the possibilities and opportunities for creative gift planning.


Know that your donation to EFOF will go a long way – less than 10% of EFOF expenditures go to administration and overhead. For more information please contact Michael Barton at

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Epilepsy Foundation: August 2012 Newsletter

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Special Edition of the EFOF August Newsletter
TALK ABOUT EPILEPSY WEEKEND: We’re probably all in agreement that not nearly enough people understand what epilepsy is and the many ways it can affect us, and no doubt we’ve all had to correct people about misperceptions surrounding the disorder. Well, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida (EFOF) has been provided an incredible opportunity to shape our communities’ understanding of and greatly raise awareness about epilepsy. But your participation is vital.  Click here for greater detail and to see the list of current sites where we will be Talking About Epilepsy.



HERE’S THE DEAL: Greg Grunberg, star of the TV show “Heroes” and father of a son who has epilepsy, founded an organization called “Talk About” to educate and inform the public about epilepsy by…you got it, Talking About It! EFOF was selected as one of seven Epilepsy Foundation affiliates across the country to partner with volunteers in a national effort to educate our local communities about epilepsy, distribute seizure first aid materials and raise funds for much needed epilepsy services.

WHEN: In less than a month, on Friday, September 7th, Saturday, September 8th and Sunday, September 9th we all have the chance to band together as a community by volunteering to attend one of various venues throughout the state of Florida to Talk About Epilepsy. The formula is simple – the more participants we have, the greater will be our ability to impact and educate.

WHAT: Volunteers will be provided with seizure first aid informational materials to distribute, as well as a high-visibility vest to wear and bring attention to our presence. Labeled canisters for receiving donations will also be provided. There is nothing like a critical mass of people to bring attention and focus to an issue. So call a friend and grab the family. Have any kids that need community service hours for school? We can help with that too!

WHERE: EFOF will be coordinating activities at various locations in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Pensacola, Port St. Lucie, Okeechobee, Jacksonville and Gainesville over the three-day period. We are in need of additional locations where we would be welcomed to distribute seizure first aid materials and collect donations; please let us know if you are aware of such a site. Click here for greater detail and to see the list of current sites where we will be Talking About Epilepsy.


WHY: If you are interested in strengthening your community, increasing epilepsy awareness, educating your communities, raising funds for much needed epilepsy services and maybe even making a few new friends while you are at it, contact us to sign up for a volunteer shift of 1,2, 3 hours, whatever you can do to support the cause. HOW: Email Ms. Gema Busse at to get details about the various locations, to sign up to volunteer or call her at 305-670-4949 if you have ideas for additional locations where we’d be permitted to Talk About Epilepsy on September 7, 8 or 9th.





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EFOF July 2012 Newsletter

 Newsletter - July 2012
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Welcome to summer, everyone! July is here and once again, it's time for our monthly newsletter. Take a few minutes to read through our announcements and highlights. We have something for everyone!

Join the Youth Council:

EFOF is creating a statewide Youth Council for Florida youth in age groups 12-18 and 19-28. If you are a young person living with epilepsy or have a family member impacted by the disorder and want to be a part of a group that will work to educate, engage and enlighten our communities about epilepsy, please contact Jennifer Piña at for more information. Contact us now - spaces are limited!

Talk About Epilepsy Weekend in September:

Many, many volunteers needed! EFOF and several other EF affiliates across the country are partnering with the "Talk About It!" Foundation (, founded by Greg Grunberg, actor and star of TV's hit series "Heroes".  We are planning a weekend of action on September 7, 8 and 9 to raise awareness of epilepsy and seizures, distribute seizure first aid materials and raise funds in a highly visible manner in our local communities. Help us turn out in a way that shows our strength in numbers. Reach out to friends and family members to join EFOF for a few hours, a day or the whole weekend; epilepsy has a voice and it's ours -- click here to see how you can participate in your area.  

I’ll Take a Mulligan:

No, we aren't talking golf, we're talking about 4 simultaneous fundraisers to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. From August 16, 5PM-8PM Mulligan's Beach House Bar and Grill is hosting a Fabulous 50's night with 10% of the proceeds going to EFOF. The fabulous four Mulligan's locations participating in this simultaneous night of fun are Stuart, Jensen, Vero, and Sebastian. If you can't make it, you can still help -- 10% of the proceeds from the sale of gift cards sold on the 16th will go to EFOF. Come join the fabulous fun; click here to learn more.

Hurricane Season Preparation:

Hurricane Season Preparation: You-know-what season is already upon us. For information about Florida's laws regarding medication refills prior to/during a disaster in Florida, click here. Do you have your hurricane preparedness kit? Do you know what should go into that kit? Click on the link to find the website for the American Red Cross closest to you.

What’s New(s):

* Have you seen EFOF's new and updated website? Our content is constantly changing -- test your epilepsy knowledge with our "101 Questions and Answers about Epilepsy". Don't miss the chance to be "in the know",  click here to see what else is happening on our website.

* Get your free Prescription Drug Discount Card on line: click here to learn how you, your family and friends can print a free copy of a Prescription Drug Discount Card and save on prescription drugs and other health care related items. It can be used throughout the US, its territories and commonwealths plus it can be used for many medications, not just anti-seizure meds.

* 40 years, over 4000 "likes"...Thanks to everyone who supported our Facebook push to get 4000 likes in honor of EFOF's 40 years of service to the communities in which we live -- we're over 4,100 now! If you haven't already, it's never too late to show us the love...  like us on Facebook .

*If you are a parent of a child recently diagnosed with epilepsy, register with EFOF and receive a free New Parent Took Kit. The kit includes: a care plan, a seizure action plan, USB drive for medical files and much more. Call 1-877-553-7453 to learn more about our services and obtain the tools to help ensure you are a co-decision maker in your child's medical care.


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