IOM March 2012 Report at a Glance

Report Brief



Spectrum: Promoting Health and Understanding

Epilepsy is the nation’s fourth most common neurological disorder, after migraine, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease; but public understanding of epilepsy is limited. For example, many people do not know the causes of epilepsy or what they should do if they see someone having a seizure. Epilepsy is a complex spectrum of disorders—sometimes called the epilepsies— that affects millions of people in a variety of ways and is characterized by unpredictable seizures that differ in type, cause, and severity. Yet living with epilepsy is about much more than just seizures. For people with epilepsy, the disorder is often defined in practical terms, such as challenges in school, uncertainties about social situations and employment, limitations on driving, and questions about independent living.

The Epilepsy Foundation Applauds Landmark Institute of Medicine Report on the Spectrum of Epilepsy

March 30, 2012 - Washington, D.C.-The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released its report, Epilepsy across the Spectrum today. The Epilepsy Foundation, an organization dedicated to people living with epilepsy, their families and caregivers, applauds this landmark report that acknowledges the long-overdue examination of the public health burden of epilepsy, including:

The Epilepsy Foundation Of Florida Receives Peacock Foundation Inc., Grant For Case Management And Quality Assurance

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida (EFOF) received a $35,000 grant from Peacock Foundation Inc., of Miami, Florida to institute a Quality Assurance function for Medical Case Management Programs and to hire an additional Case Manager.