FLorida Lawmakers back $7.5 million Epilepsy Program


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In our home state, more than 375,000 Floridians live with epilepsy; approximately 84,000 of these are children. Today, 12 percent of Americans with epilepsy live in Florida and indicators are that this number may increase, not only as the baby boomers age but also because Florida is home to the second largest veteran population in the nation--with the incidence of post-traumatic epilepsy the highest in the military than the general population. 


It’s clearly in our state’s interest to respond to the growing health care and support needs of this vulnerable population. The good news is that with prevention, early intervention, education, medical treatment, support services and on-going case management, we can greatly improve quality of life for those with epilepsy and their families while also saving money and resources. Florida’s Epilepsy Service Providers (FESP) address these needs and provide vital, specialized, safety-net services that are cost-effective and work!


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Although funding for the FESP was in jeopardy, the state legislature has come out strongly to support these programs!  Both the Florida Senate and House has included the needs of Floridians with epilepsy in their budgets!  Please take a moment today to thank the legislature, share your personal story, and support for these important programs by emailing your legislators now!