This app, Treatment of Epilepsy, will be useful for all health providers and those in allied health fields involved in the treatment and care of patients with epilepsy.

It was conceived and written by 2 pediatric neurologists practicing at Miami Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida. It is kept up to date regularly.

Within the app, you can access a searchable list of medications by generic and brand names with information about uses, dosage, formulation, metabolism, level, half-life, monitoring, contraindications, mechanism of action, warnings, side effects, and drug interactions. Also use it to look-up seizure and syndrome classifications, as well as syndrome clinical description and their treatment.

It also has information on the treatment of Status Epilepticus, zoomable photos of EEGs, the Ketogenic Diet, driving regulations around the world, pregnancy and breast feeding issues and other practicable information, which can time consuming to find when needed. In summary, Treatment of Epilepsy Features Include:

  • • An extensive list of medications with targeted treatment information 
  • • Information on a large variety of epileptic syndromes 
  • • Seizure and syndrome classifications 
  • • A notes feature that allows app users to save personal notes for each medication 
  • • An in-app calculator accessible on every screen 
  • • Guide to the laws for driving with epilepsy by state and countries 
  • • Definitions and treatment information for Status Epilepticus 
  • • Uses, parameters, side effects and more associated with the Ketogenic Diet 
  • • Zoomable EEGs 
  • • Information on epilepsy in relation to pregnancy, breast-feeding, and sports 
  • • Easy to find lists of abbreviations and medical references


Download the app below:

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