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Purple Day Bake Sale


Bake up some purple-colored sweets and have a bake sale at your school or office!

Raise awareness and fundraise with tasty treats everyone can enjoy.


Bar, Restaurant or Coffee House Event


Organize a Purple Day karaoke night and invite your friends and family, classmates or coworkers to a night of music, tasty appetizers

(ask your local restaurant to donate the food) and plenty of PURPLE.


School or Work Contest


Organize a contest to get your colleagues involved in Purple Day.

Host a purple costume contest at your work place or school. The most purple wins!


Decorate your house and/or car in PURPLE


Hang purple streamers, put up purple signs, purple lights….the more purple the better!



The ideas and opportunities to spread awareness on PURPLE DAY are endless, so make it your own and have fun with it!


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