No, we’re not talking home improvement…we’re talking about epilepsy advocacy.  You can be an advocate and we can help – want to support federal legislation to raise epilepsy awareness? Want to write your state legislator about the need to fund epilepsy services?  Contact Deanna Kirtman at and she can provide you with materials like draft letters and suggestions for action to help your voice get heard.



The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is a vigorous advocate for people with epilepsy. Its focus is to protect and advance the legal, human and service rights of people with epilepsy.
The Foundation must be active at the Federal, State and local level, focusing attention on the needs of those with epilepsy. Priorities in 2010-2011 for the Foundation include:

Adequate funding for epilepsy programs and services;

A heavy emphasis on providing information to all our constituencies about our new, expanded epilepsy programs designed to aid and assist the nearly 375,000 individuals with epilepsy in the State of Florida, their families and beyond;

Responding to opportunities at both the National and State level that offer potential benefit to individuals with epilepsy in Florida;.

Oppose initiatives at both the National and State level that are not in the best interest of individuals with epilepsy in Florida and their families.

Epilepsy advocates can  make a significant contribution and difference through use of email, phone or even personal visits to legislators. Our results are not obtainable without their stories and dedication to advocacy for individuals with epilepsy and their families!
At the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, we believe that by raising the level of awareness and teaching the general public about epilepsy, we can help reduce the fear and stigma associated with the disorder. If you are interested in advocating for epilepsy, contact Rich Hatfield at (904) 731-3752

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