As a vigorous advocate for people with epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida (EFOF) will continue to focus on promoting legislation that positively impacts the lives of people with epilepsy. Through our government advocacy program, EFOF will protect and advance the legal, human and service rights of people with epilepsy and to do so we will be active at the Federal, State and local level.  The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Board of Directors Legislative Priorities for 2011-2012 is as follows:

At a minimum, maintain current State funding to ensure adequate funding for Florida epilepsy programs and services; 

Advocate within the state legislative and executive branch to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the structure currently in place for Florida’s epilepsy service providers;

Be responsive to opportunities at both the National and State level that offer potential benefit to Floridians with epilepsy; 

Monitor initiatives at both the National and State level; support efforts that will enhance the quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families and vigorously oppose those that are not in the best interest of the epilepsy community.

Change does not come from silence and inaction; we believe that epilepsy advocates can and do make a significant contribution in advancing the cause of progress for those with epilepsy.  Through the use of email, phone calls, letters to the editors, personal visits to local, state and federal legislators, epilepsy advocates ensure their voice is an important component in the public policy debate.  In fact, the Foundation’s results are not obtainable without our advocates’ stories and personal dedication to advocacy for individuals with epilepsy and their families.  

At the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, we believe that by raising the level of awareness and teaching the general public about epilepsy, we can help reduce the fear and stigma associated with the disorder.

If you are interested in advocating for epilepsy, please contact Deanna Kirtman or by phone  at 305-670-4949.