Board of Directors Job Description



Mission: The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida (EFOF) leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy.


Vision: EFOF will continue to grow and serve the diverse population of people with seizures and their families by assisting clients to become independent and self-reliant. EFOF services will be tailored to the needs of a particular locale.


Title: Member, Board of Directors


Purpose: The member is to ensure that EFOF meets its corporate responsibilities and addresses specific clients’ needs as determined by the mission.


Key Responsibilities


* Implements policies and procedures contained in the Corporation’s charter and By-Laws as established by the Board of Directors.

* Develops and evaluates strategic plans and financial and human resources (both paid and volunteer staff) to meet the needs of EFOF.

* Contributes time and money to fund raising and membership-enrollment campaigns

* Approves and monitors a budget system based on expected revenue and the needs of the Community.

* Monitor fiscal controls and ensures accountability, keeping in mind the fiduciary responsibilities of each member of the Board.

* Monitors the management of EFOF property, including acquisition and disposition

* Ensures effective public relations for EFOF

* Develops, monitors and reviews human resources policies for paid and volunteer staff

* Advises EFOF’s Board of Directors on the potential impact of general trends, issues and actions

* Formally advises EFOF Board of any situation that is a potential conflict of interest in accord with the policies established in the Foundation’s Personnel Policies Code of Conduct.


* A Board Member must exhibit the duties of “loyalty and care” as articulated in EFOF’s Personnel Policies and Code of Conduct

* A Board Member must be a member in “good standing” with EFOF.

* A Board Member must abide by the “Give and Get” policy every fiscal year.

* A Board Member must make every effort to attend all Board meetings and the Annual Meeting.

* A Board Member must pledge a monetary gift to EFOF annually in an amount they would consider generous, and not less than that specified in the Board Give and Get Policy.

* A Board Member must actively participate in the committee work of the Board by serving on no less than one committee.

* A Board Members must attend at least 50% of the scheduled special events in their region.

* A Board Member should serve as an agency representative at functions and events.

* A Board Member should be available to participate in Board training events.

* A Board Member should participate actively at Board of Director’s meetings.

* A Board member should review and question reports.

* Term of office shall be a three-year term elected by the membership.


Reports: To the Chairperson of the Board of Directors