Clayton Feig Legacy Fund – Faces of Epilepsy

  • 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime, and 150,000 new cases of epilepsy will be diagnosed in the United States each year.
  • Despite the common nature of this disorder, every person faces a unique set of challenges and solutions. Most agree that having the opportunity to share their stories and give others a window into their experience can be truly uplifting.
  • Currently 400,000 Floridians are living with this disorder, and through the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida’s 1 in 26 campaign, they can share their stories.
  • Each story is different. Watch the videos below to get to know some of these amazing people.
  • Share these profiles with your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances, and join us in our efforts to spread awareness.

Stories of Epilepsy



Written by Heather Kidd Hi, my name is Heather, and I would like to take you on a journey through my life with epilepsy. Yes, I have epilepsy but it doesn’t have me. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 12 years old. My parents back then didn’t know much about epilepsy. We are […]


Yesenia’s Story

When the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida told me they wanted to publish my story in their issue at the beginning I was hesitant. I asked my mom and she said yes. Once the days went by I knew writing again will bring me back to memories I didn’t know existed. I had to question my […]

Michael Bowen’s Story

I had my first seizure when I was 13.  It was a Petit Mal, meaning I did not collapse but was not aware or in control of my actions and words.  While giving a presentation in English class the rails came off; mid speech I began rambling, acting strangely and cursing.  School officials dragged me,


Katia Philippeaux’s Story

Robert was only 18-years-old when he passed away from epilepsy. I will never forget that early Thursday morning when I was awoken to the loud thumps of my brother hitting his wooden head board as he seized. I instantly rushed into his room only to find him unresponsive and gasping for air. He had se


Cause Unknown, but Not Alone

Home Magazine Gainesville – October 5, 2016 How One Woman Overcame the Isolation of Epilepsy with the Help of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Over 7 billion people populate the world, and over 127,000 of those people live in Gainesville. Yet everyone will still experience loneliness at some


Kimberly Harding

My name is Kimberly Harding and I live with Intractable Epilepsy. I was formally diagnosed in February 2001, after hitting my head while snowboarding without a helmet. In those early months and years spent on Dilantin and Depakote, filled with ambulance rides and broken bones, I had over 200 seizure


Alaina Young

By: Aimee Young Alaina Young is my teenage daughter who just happens to have epilepsy. Like many others, my husband and I began to notice unusual symptoms in elementary school. Alaina was eight, and would have times during school that she would just “space out” and lose a few minutes of a lesson


Brandon’s Story

I was two years old when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. To say the least, I’ve had some life changing moments, but it’s also taught me lessons about life that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. My parents instilled me with the confidence that I should always strive for the best, no matter the


David Ostroff’s Story

David was diagnosed at the age of 2 ½ with Petit Mal and Absence Seizures after having a Grand Mal Seizure one morning sitting next to his sister, Samantha who was only 4.  She immediately called for help and has been there for him ever since. As David grew up and we learned to handle […]

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